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Energopolis — group of companies, providing full range of engineering services, associated with power supply to industrial enterprises, trade and public, social and residential objects.

Энергополис, Днепропетровск

For the years of operation at the power market, and this is more than 20 years, our experts created and implemented hundreds of the projects in 18 regions of Ukraine, in Crimea and Uzbekistan:

  • gas and solid fuel operated steam and water boiler rooms in various industrial sectors and housing-and-municipal sphere, both traditional and renewable fuel types operated;
  • automatic process control systems and automatic systems for commercial accounting of power consumption provide accuracy and efficiency of technological processes of mining industry, metallurgy, machine building, chemical and food industries;
  • climatic systems (radiantair heating, ventilation, air conditioning) at the objects of different categories and scales: beginning form production shops, shopping complexes, hotels and up to the private households;
  • there are laid tens of kilometers of gas pipelines: beginning form main ones and up to low pressure networks;
  • there are provided services, associated with maintenance of power supply units, enterprises and private systems, mounted by our or foreign organizations.
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At total number of employees more than 100 persons, Energopolis includes:

In 2013, we opened engineering center Buderus with equipment showroom to satisfy the requests of our individual customers as to houses and apartments life support systems.

The description of all the range of the engineering tasks that may be performed by the experts of the Group of Companies Energopolis is available on our web-site in sections EnergeticsAutomationProjects and Technologies & Innovations.

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